Silspek Rubber is people first. Employees, who are the most precious.

We believe, that people are our biggest potential and thank to their engagement, passion and skills we bear success. The clue of personel politics i san optimal staff choice. We care about our staff development creating wide range of possibilities and trainings.

Join us and start creating a better world with us.
Silspek Rubber counts on people and our values refere to the world and ourselves:

1. Ethical and common activity
2. Responsibility
3. Engagement
4. Professionalism
5. Respect
6. Risk awarness
7. Honesty
8. Innovation
1. Annonuncement
2. CV analysis
3. Meeting
4. Feedback
Silspek Rubber undertakes responsibility for its employees constant development. Internal and external trainings are implemented in case of develop as well hard as soft skills. Specialized trainings providers are hired to support our collegues in the matter of safety, ecology and quality issues.

Constant development of our employees is not only training but everyday work as well.